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    This 8 piece gift set was hand-picked from our most loved green beauty products! This is the ultimate green beauty set that any woman would love to have in her collection!


    What's included:


    + Gua Sha Face Lift & Lymph Tool by Honey Belle - valued at $22

    + Ginger Lemon Detox Mask by Honey Belle - valued at $16.95

    + Dual Sided Limited Edition Mask Brush by Honey Belle - valued at $12

    + Tidal Rose Seaweed Hydration Mist by Earth Harbor - Valued at $18

    + 7 Day MakeUp Eraser Set - valued at $25

    + Aloha Love Creamy Hibiscus Cleanser - valed at $19.95

    + Just Peachy Lip Balm by Sudsatorium - valued at $4.50

    + Cotton Beauty Barn Holiday Cosmetic Case - valued at $14

    BEST OF THE BEAUTY BARN Holiday Gift Set