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Soft Serenity Candles are made with natural soy wax and high quality nontoxic oils to create a sustainable and clean 40 hour burn. Each candle is lovingly hand poured, labeled and packaged in Woodstock, Georgia. 


NEW Fall Scents are here!




Pumpkin Chai | Warm + Cozy

Scent notes: baked pumpkin, chai spice, fresh vanilla, and graham cracker


Autumn | Warm + Earthy

scent notes: cinnamon, apple, berry, pecan, cedar, patchouli + cedarwood


Apple + Maple Bourbon | Rich + Autumnal

scent notes:  bourbon + butter mixed with a smooth & rich fragrance of vanilla + apple


Pop’s Cigar | Deep + Masculine

scent notes: sweet tobacco, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli


White Birch | Crisp + Fresh

scent notes: pine, eucalyptus, cypress & tonka bean


Black Sea | Fresh + Airy

scent notes: sweet orange, cinnamon bark, clove leaf, sandalwood & musk


Flannel | Cozy + Masculine

scent notes: bergamot, mahogany + musk


Pomegranate Cider | Spiced + Fresh

scent notes: pomegranate, cranberry, and spice


Volcano | Tropical + Warm


scent notes: driftwood, pineapple, mango + goji berry


Pineapple + Sage | Tropical + Earthy + Sweet

scent notes: clary sage, lemongrass, amyris, black pepper, and fresh pineapple


Oakmoss & Amber | Soft + Earthy

Scent notes: oakmoss, amber, tonka, and sage


Brown Sugar & Fig | Rich + Romantic

Scent notes: warm fig, caramelized brown sugar and dark musk


Cinnamon & Vanilla | Sweet + Spiced

Scent notes: spicy cinnamon, smooth vanilla and cream


Cranberry Woods | Cozy + Fresh

Scent Notes: cranberry, red currant, fir, cinnamon, patchouli & orange


Soft Serenity | Non-Toxic Soy Candles


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